Hairslime Ragtime

by Joel Little

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This is my first full-length album, comprised of 12 songs I've written over the past year. It's mostly in a folk/blues style, but there are a few that stray away from that.


released 15 June 2013

All songs written, performed, and produced by Joel Little.




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Joel Little New York, New York

I'm a singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from the Bronx in New York.

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Track Name: Rainy Day Cosmos
And the sun will shatter as the moon will mutter as the night will shudder in the wind. And all that you want will be mine in no time, so hide from your ego and defend your mind.
Track Name: I Don't Wanna Hear About It
And the dimwit child's running through the highway as his mother scolds the road cause the traffic-wavers weren't waving and cause the stoner priests aren't saving him. And I don't wanna hear about them anymore.

And the seasick sailor's gone off to stare at the sun and the Arabian jeweler's gone off to craft the perfect pun. And the politician's writing off future babies and the writers are writing off the politician. And I don't wanna hear about them anymore.

Cause the needy need love too, and the new age gamblers are stealing money from you. Cause of Captain Beefheart's heart attack. Cause my newspaper's written all in black. And I don't wanna know about anything anymore.
Track Name: Time Won't Help You
Can't you see it's raining outside? Can't you tell you're clawing out my eyes? Don't you know the sun's been rising for three afternoons? (x2)

Can't you feel the north wind blowing all across the mountaintops? Don't you think it's time somebody better call the cops? (x2)

And all around you police fill round the bend but you stand there like a fool, they're only in your head. You spit in all their faces and you're makin' all the cases why humans should be free, why we should all stand in heaven together you and me. 'Cause my worst enemy's just achilles' heel, see? Oh, it's so easy.

But it's alright daddy-o. Hey hey, don't you know you don't need your radio to hear the man say "Say it ain't so". And for what do you say no? And for who do you say go? And for when is the answer of answers gonna be to slow? (x2)

CHORUS: Time won't help you anymore when you've kicked it and left it on the floor. For time knows that time and again you'll be waiting at it's door. For now you can't wait, oh lord what will you do? Now I can't make my case; well whatever I don't have a clue.

Yeah sure, I might die tonight. Yeah sure, I just might. Maybe all that I lived for was wrong and you were right. But hey, let me ask you a few questions. Can you see the Earth burning? Is it true, will it really stop turning? Or is it just the rage in me churning? And is it really my faith in humanity really all that concerning? Is it now the time for me to give what I've been earning? And is it now the time to accept the cat's purring? Or is it just the end and I've learned to stop learning? (x2)

Track Name: Stockholm Syndrome Blues
Greens and blues burst from your soul, only to fill up with a pile of coal. The industrial fire is burnin' out your wire, it'll burn you up inside 'til you got nothing left to hide. Now there's chemical fumes flowing through your brooms; they won't clean up the mess of your juvenile success. They'll be used to abuse those confused by the news. You've got to fear all you hear, all that's dear to your ear, you've got to confide all you hide all your pride all inside for no reason why!
Track Name: Vermin Mervin Suite
Venemous enemies, riff raff at your calf. On the street ain't it neat the Earth cannot forsake the meek? Vermin Mervin, he's servin' sermons, seven pillars dressed in dust. All along you ping, you pong, you do what you can, you do what you must.

Wrestlin', rustlin', hustlin', busting all the plans you had for trusting 'cos you can't understand the man, you can't even walk on land. Missing kissing, hissy fitting, depression tones you know they serve for pissing.

Reading books with dirty looks, mispronouncing niche gadzooks! Serving seven servant severance, stipulate your wild malevolance. It's apocalypse sweet cherry lips, it's pulling you in with fiery grips; so understand it's not your fault, take all truth with a grain of salt, you don't have to rise to fall, we can't all be Jonas Salk.
Track Name: Dusk Serenade Trilogy
Down the street the window glistens, you can't see in too far. Inside the room lies certain doom for fate shall make or mar. The ancients, they're running rampant and the dark won't break the spell. My memory, it begins to crumble and my future as well.

Fields of green were stretching all across my view, the still and murky waters filled my vision too. There was no aching horizon, no darkening window pane. The crashing sounds of oblivion, now they rattle through my brain.

The howling winds they echo, gentle breeze of morning gone. Dusk forsaken by the moon, the sun won't meet it's dawn. Forget the whispering voices, ignore what'll never do you good. Don't imagine what you could've done, only what you should.
Track Name: Hairslime Ragtime
I was down in dixieland when I went and turned around and I fled into a capsule, I said "Get me outta here man. I gotta run run run just to keep my gun, I gotta pray into the wind." [Yodeling]

Now I'm out in outer space and I'm runnin' out of cases to remind you all the time that you're just some useless face. I hate you and I hate your cause, I hate your ma's, I hate your pa's. [Yodel]

Now I'm trapped inside a box six feet underneath the ground. I didn't die of no small pox, yet no reason has been found. I hate the mud and I hate the gravel, I wanna run and I wanna travel. [Yodel]
Track Name: Phony Cacophony
In the time it takes to live, in the time it takes to die, do you look upon yourself and do you cry? And in time, in good time... I took your money and I took your babies, too. I took anything, I say anything, that means anything to you.

[Spoken: Isn't the moon just so beautiful at night?]
Track Name: Anarchist Soul
It's a long way to nowhere when there's no place to start, it's a long way to somewhere when there's no place worth going to. And I'd like to die with money in my hands but there ain't no use in singin' the blues.

[Chorus] Anarchist soul, anarchist soul, there ain't no use in singin' the blues. Anarchist soul, anarchist soul, there ain't no use in singin' the blues.

I'd like to live in a world without killing. I'd like to live in a world without dying. And if all the unions would just crumble and decay... Well hey, someday, they just may!

Track Name: Onwards to Nowhere
Line of fire in the middle of the war, when ten years on could mean twenty years more. Did the soldiers know on their final grounds just where they all stood? Did the pavers who paved o'er those hallowed grounds really care where their roads might lead?

[Chorus] So onwards to nowhere, backwards to anywhere, but say won't you follow me?

[Bridge] Life is short and money is for killing and those who live now will forever be winning. [Chorus]

Foundation of strife is the end of our struggle. Foundation of war is the end of our lives! [Chorus x2]