12 Feet Under

by Joel Little

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This is my fourth album and my first of 2014. It's my first attempt at properly mixing/mastering and following a semi-cohesive concept. The album started as a little present for someone who likes swimming and it grew to be this 45 minute, 10 song project. Through the album is an object called Aqualife which comprises my branching out to make more avant-garde sorts of sounds and aside from that are a variety of folk, spoken word, blues, classical, and other types of songs. I hope you enjoy it!


released 01 January 2014
All songs written, performed, and produced by Joel Little.
*Album Artwork and Backing Vocals (on Track 1): Ellie Little




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Track Name: 12 Feet Under (Paranoid)
I look above me, I look below me, all I see is murky. What beyond my field of view below the water may be lurking? I ain't floating but I ain't sinking, I guess I'm in between. This lake is deeper than any cavern I've seen. The sharks start circling around my fingers and soon there's whales and monsters, but they don't creep or jerk or pounce but it's sure a real disaster. I see a mermaid but she just laughs as I yell "Oh help me!" Well sure none of this is real but I swear I saw it on TV.

[I guess I'm just paranoid. It ain't what I see but what I can't avoid. I guess I'm just paranoid. But I know if I ever try I'll burn up faster than celluloid.]

Now all the creatures they start dispersing and I'm left here all alone. I see below me a world revealed all made of grime and stone. And up above me the sky just beckons the wind picks me up and I'm flying. The water parts around me and the Earth is left there sighing. But up above me it's raining fire and soon the clouds engulf me. And soon enough I'm far away from the ocean and the sea. And all I'm left with are my thoughts and heartbeat and I'm just laying here stranded. Why did I ever go swimming when summer's already ended?

Track Name: Route 65¾
The disaster! The distress! My house is such a mess! I can't even tell what's wrong, I guess I'll have to guess. It's on the news in every town about the fate of every clown who may forget that "I" is just a vowel, not a noun. It's all that is inside that you mistake for pride. When you realize you lied that's when you've really got to hide. To that I say "bring order, you hoarder!" You're backed into a corner; take a hike on Route 65 and 3 quarters.
Track Name: Am I A People?
Jewelery chains with fiery undertones, she wore them like skin even when she was all alone. Up in concrete headlights lies the spotted man who does absolutely nothing just as best as he can. You can still hear the humming of the shopped-up cans. Inside some headboards even the feeble woman can dance except when she's sad and the stores are all closed. You can hear her hum softly when she strikes a pose.

I know it's days that pass me by but it feels like years before they know you've died inside. Am I the people that are the matter? Is it your brain makin' all that pitter-patter? She died in an alleyway downwind of the parlor among all the rats and bugs and the car alarms. And I shot the messenger, and I killed the cat, and hell I can't let you down if you're never coming back.
Track Name: A Gentle Exit
Time-rusted cobblestone.
Moss is growing through my withered bones.
Throw a frisbee, recieve a loan.
Age has taken all that you've grown.

Happiness will shine through you.
And all the meek shall rise up, too.
Nothing left for you to do
But make amends and just try to stay true.