Members​-​Only Carnival

by Joel Little

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"Members-Only Carnival" is the fifth self-released album by Joel Little, containing twelve new, original songs. Overall, the album is an expression of the thoughts and concerns of someone who stays at home all day but eventually decides that it's time to make plans and take risks because sometimes being comfortable just isn't the same as being happy. The music itself contains a vast array of influences and styles including folk, bossa nova, modern classical, funk, jazz, and psychedelic. It's an album of celebration and lamentation, and I hope you all enjoy it.


released 15 May 2014

All songs written, performed, produced, mixed, and mastered by Joel Little except:
•"In eigener Sache kann niemand Richter sein" was co-written with John Colton Cox and features him on acoustic guitar (
•"She's My Portu-gal" was mixed and mastered by Hugo Ribeiro (

*Album cover by Ellie Little (my sister)



all rights reserved


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Track Name: In eigener Sache kann niemand Richter sein
I heard the birds singing songs, I didn't chirp along.
Tomorrow, maybe
I'll look back and laugh,
too bad I didn't take a photograph.
But in capturing time, in eigener Sache kann niemand Richter sein.
Track Name: Members-Only Carnival
You can be happy by the ringing of a bell.
You can't be lonely, you can't even help yourself.
It's members-only at the carnival,
But they won't shoot you in fright.
Though the end of the road ain't out of sight.
Track Name: I'll Whisper in the Wind
I've been so trapped and pinned.
I've used my words for sin.
I need no next of kin.
I'll whisper in the wind...

I'll sit and watch the sky.
I'll sit and wonder why.
I'll watch the pigeons fly.
I'll think of you and I.
I'll picture you and sigh.
I'll whisper in the wind...

I'll make some plans and bide my time. I'll learn to find some peace of mind, you'll see...

I'm not afraid to say
that I really wish you'd stay.
I don't know who
I'd be without you.
Track Name: I Don't Feel Like Going Insane
I can't lay down to rest 'til I know you in my chest.
It ain't the way I felt before that leaves me waiting at the door.
I don't care how high you soared.
I can feel you in my brain;
I don't feel like going insane.
Track Name: The Place You Belong To
It's early rising at the eve of spring when all the day has found its meaning. When all I love disappears in the sun oh why should I leave when I'm having fun? Facing certain doom do you realize your room ain't the place you belong to? Let the sun shine through your hair. Feel agonizing fits of terror move through you 'til you cannot bare to do or think or care. Ere the street rats won't eat you up!
Track Name: She's My Portu-gal
She's my portu-gal, she lives by the canal. And all the boys think it's neat she ain't got socks or shoes on her feet; she could fit right in in Mozambique.

And though they all follow her home, she'll always be alone. She ain't got money or room to spare, but a pretty face and gorgeous hair. Who cares enough to care?
Track Name: I'll Keep These Years
I did not read the words as they fell through your mouth. They made a noise but I hadn't a choice but to flee my mind south. I would love to re-live youth if not through my head, but I'll keep these years and I'll feed them in 'til I know that I'm dead.

I sat down and clipped my nails as I began to frown for the life I'd been leading was too thin for my pleasing, I think I'd better go. But it's too late now, I've stepped into the light, I think I might've frightened all the sight's that made you bright. And I'll see you all tonight (repeat...)
Track Name: Plans
It's time to make some plans...
I heard the birds singing songs...

I'll ask the rain on Alcase-Lorraine, "Hey, which side are you on?" You know the pain of going insane, you know your mind ain't gone! It's time to go outside, there's nothing you should hide. I saw the roots of the trees, I saw the wounded knees, I saw the day being seized. I felt the mist break through and kiss the Earth and split the seas. I didn't need a lease, and time it did not freeze. I heard the life in the trees.

I heard the birds singing songs...